Performance Builds

Performance Builds

We love to push the platforms we specialize in to further success. Performance Builds to your spec. From name brand aftermarket turbo set ups to Custom one off Performance Builds we can do it all.

One of our passions is going fast and with that comes building the correct unit to do so with. We enjoy taking on the task of making big power and setting up a truck correctly to do so. If your wanting just the parts to do the project yourself but want to make sure you maximize the efficiency of the money your putting into it that's where our sales team comes in. If your wanting to drop your truck off for a performance build be it bolt on or custom one off we have made it possible to do in house. If something gets tricky we can always turn to our fabrication side to help out.

Diesel Dudes LLC is fueled by solid communication and proven performance in building diesel engines and trucks - honestly and expertly in Seattle.



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